Tonnellerie Allary


Based in 1953 by Roger Allary, his son Jacky fascinated by this job since his earliest childhood was able for 20 years to work beside his father. The latter retiring in 1992, Jacky Allary then takes over the reins of the family company which he develops with talent in particular in the export. 

Since its creation the company immortalizes the best of the French know-how: the art and the tradition.

In the 1960s the cooperage worked essentially for the region cognaçaise, it supplied the producers of cognac with barrels and barrels.

Since the 1990s she set up a diversification strategy by developing barrels and tanks tronconiques of 1000L in 20000L intended for the elaboration of the wine.

This dynamics allowed afterward the realization of a workshop of small cooperage.

The cooperage Allary exports in more than 30 countries on 5 continents.



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